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See the big picture with card relationships for Trello

Hello Epics is a Trello Power-Up that creates easily identifiable links between cards on your Trello board, helping you and your team work the way you want: better, faster, and simpler.

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The Odyssey
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The Illiad
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Moby Dick
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Paradise Lost
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The Lord of the Rings
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Simplify your Trello board

Whether you’re building an app or planning a marketing campaign, linking cards allows you to easily create dependencies, see related work, and track overall progress.

"Our engineering team uses sprints, and we transferred the work methodology into other areas of the business (like customer success and marketing) using Hello Epics."
Judith Baeta from Paddl
Judith Baeta, Paddl

Get more done

When checklists aren‘t enough, keep your team on the same page by tracking child cards. With progress indicators right on the parent, see how many cards you have left and choose when to call them done.

"Honestly — Trello was nice, but it’s your power-up that helps us to keep things connected, transparent, and easy going."
Christian Kolletzki from Torius
Christian Kolletzki, Torius

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