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Establish card relationships

  1. Hierarchy

    Nest cards under the parent, or multiple parents, to create relationships.

  2. Linking

    Link cards across different boards and easily create dependencies.

  3. Groupings

    Group related child cards together.

Hello Epics is committed to managing your data securely and transparently. We do not store any of your content — in fact, we never even see it. We will never share your personal information, and we are GDPR compliant.

Easily create child cards

  1. Checklists

    Convert checklist items into child cards.

  2. Within a card

    Attach existing cards as child cards or create new child cards directly on the parent.

  3. Copy and paste

    Copy and paste multiple tasks and automatically create new child cards for each entry.

Track overall progress

  1. Progress indicators

    Look at the front or card back of the parent card to quickly check how many tasks are completed.

  2. Triggers

    Choose how to mark a child card as complete. You can either mark it done via due date or by moving it to a designated “done” column.

  3. Checklists

    If you complete all items in a card’s checklist, the progress bar and checklist badge both turn green.

Organize cards

  1. Labels

    Choose from 11 different colored labels or enable color-blind friendly mode. You can even use a shortcut so child cards inherit labels from the parent card.

  2. Emojis

    Add emojis to visually represent your tasks, like 🐞 smashing bugs or 🏡 redesigning your homepage.

  3. Drag-and-drop

    Drag-and-drop child cards right on the parent to update priority or change their status.

Connect with other Power-Ups

  1. Agile Tools by Corello

    Add story points and WIP limits to your cards.

  2. Card Numbers by Reenhanced

    Assign a unique number to your cards for easier reference.

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